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This page lists sports and movies that are scheduled for channels which are available on Ku-band FTA. The sports can be in any language, but the movies are those in English.

If you can help translate foreign-language channel schedules to find more sports to list here, that would be great! Please drop us a line!

Of course, in any given week, there are many other sports feeds available on FTA. But they usually pop up with no warning, so you need to keep track of the transponders they typically use, check at Ricks to see what other viewers have found, or keep scanning the skies.

baseball icon Sports Highlights

All times Eastern

Fri., Oct. 8

3:45 pm Soccer: Portugal vs. Denmark (RTP)

9 pm Soccer: Necaxa vs. Puebla (Azteca Siete)

11 pm Football: 1991, Toledo at Washington (UWTV)

Sat., Oct. 9

4:30 am Football: 2009, Utah State at BYU (BYU)

7 pm Women's Gymnastics: 2000, BYU vs. Oregon (BYU)

8 pm Soccer: UAG at UANL (KTEL)

8 pm Soccer: UNAM at Pachuca (Azteca Trece)

10 pm Women's Soccer: Air Force at BYU (BYU)

10 pm Soccer: San Luis at Atlas (KTEL)

Sun., Oct. 10

3 am Football: 1991, Oregon at Washington (UWTV)

11 am Futsal: Teams TBA (RTP)

12:30 pm Soccer: Santos at Morelia (Azteca Trece)

1 pm Pro Football: Denver at Baltimore (Azteca Siete)

1 pm Soccer: Cruz Azul at Toluca (KTEL)

7 pm Football: 1993, East Carolina at Washington (UWTV)

Mon., Oct. 11

10 pm Football: 1993, San Jose State at Washington (UWTV)

Tue., Oct. 12

3 am Football: 1991, Toledo at Washington (UWTV)

Fri., Oct. 15

11 pm Football: 1991, Oregon at Washington (UWTV)

Sat., Oct. 16

4:30 am Football: 2009, BYU at Nevada-Las Vegas (BYU)

6 pm Soccer: Toluca at Monterrey (KTEL)

7 pm Women's Gymnastics: 1996, BYU vs. UCLA (BYU)

8 pm Soccer: Necaxa at Guadalajara at UANL (KTEL)

9 pm Women's Volleyball: Nevada-Las Vegas at BYU (BYU)

10 pm Soccer: UANL at Atlante (KTEL)

7 pm Volleyball: 2004, St. Mary's at Washington (UWTV)

Sun., Oct. 17

1 pm Soccer: Chiapas at UNAM (KTEL)

Wed., Oct. 20

9 pm Football: 2009, BYU at Oklahoma (BYU)

Thu., Oct. 21

9 pm Women's Soccer: Nevada-Las Vegas at BYU (BYU)

movie clapboard Movie Highlights

All times Eastern
"TBN" = Trinity Broadcasting

Fri., Oct. 8

2 pm Forever Strong, 2008. Sean Faris. (BYU)

8 pm Hidden Secrets, 2006. John Schneider. (Cornerstone)

9 pm Walking Thunder, 1997. John Denver. (BYU)

Sat., Oct. 9

midnight Hippies, 2007. D-Scott Reda. (History)

8 am Einstein, 2008. P-Ken Druckerman. (History)

5 pm Walking Thunder, 1997. John Denver. (BYU)

5 pm For Pete's Sake, 1966. Billy Graham. (TBN)

10 pm The Little Shop of Horrors, 1960. Jonathan Haze. (RTV)

Sun., Oct. 10

midnight Get Christie Love!, 1974. Teresa Graves. (RTV)

midnight Forever Strong, 2008. Sean Faris. (BYU)

midnight The Way Back Home, 2006. David A.R. White. (TBN)

4 am The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, 2010. D-Judith Ehrlich. (Montana PBS)

9 am Patch Adams, 1998. Robin Williams. (Biography)

10 pm Joseph, 1995. Ben Kingsley. (TBN)

Mon., Oct. 11

8 pm In the Blink of an Eye, 2009. David A.R. White. (Cornerstone)

Fri., Oct. 15

2 pm Walking Thunder, 1997. John Denver. (BYU)

9 pm Wind Dancer, 1993. Mel Harris. (BYU)

Sat., Oct. 16

5 pm Wind Dancer, 1993. Mel Harris. (BYU)

8 pm Soulmate, 2006. D-Andrea Allen-Wiley. (Cornerstone)

10 pm White Zombie, 1932. Bela Lugosi. (RTV)

Sun., Oct. 17

midnight Night of the Living Dead, 1968. Duane Jones. (RTV)

midnight Reggie's Prayer, 1996. Reggie White. (TBN)

9 am Ghostbusters, 1984. Bill Murray. (Biography)

Mon., Oct. 18

8 pm Birdie and Bogey, 2004. Mike Norris. (Cornerstone)

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