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Why FTAList.com Exists

Free-to-air is cool. With a just little work, you can find television programming from all over the US, plus international channels, radio stations, and much more. And once you buy the equipment and set it up, there's no monthly charge for anything that's available.

But jumping into FTA can be a little intimidating. Sure, LyngSat has all the FTA channel listings for North America, but they're lumped in with the whole world's channel listings, including all the channels that aren't FTA. When all you want to know is what channels you can see and how to get to them, LyngSat's wealth of detail is overwhelming. FTAList.com is designed to be easier to read, to show new users how to get started and existing users what channels are out there.

Remember that for each channel, it could stay put for years, or leave tomorrow. FTAList.com is a recent snapshot, but it can't predict the future. There's always something up there, but your favorites can come and go. Whatever you want to see, enjoy it while you can!

Thanks for visiting. Please bookmark this site and come back again.

Policy Notes

FTAList.com is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The list is based on what can be actually received using a small-sized Ku-band dish here, near the center of North America. FTA enthusiasts on either coast may be able to see a few more satellites in their direction, but pretty much everybody should be able to see the channels listed here.

Some channels are available in more than one language, but each is listed with only one here. When a channel is available in English and other languages, it will be listed as in English here.

The sports and movies highlights page will not include all sports or movies available on FTA. There's often a lot of Mexican soccer on the Univision stations, for example. Some of the listings may be wrong. Some of the information comes from the superb listings of TitanTV and Zap2it, but channel web sites and other sources are also used.

Privacy Policy

Some advertisers and other site-watchers like to see an official privacy policy, so here it is. You don't have to provide any information to use this site, and that's a great way to ensure that no one will ever do anything with your information. That you didn't provide.

Some advertisers may set a tracking cookie on your computer. The reason for the cookie is to make sure that if you visit an advertiser, then decide to buy something a few days later, I still get a commission. My host may also set a cookie to keep track of the traffic here. I understand that these tracking cookies are pretty standard and pretty benign. In the unlikely event that any advertiser starts misbehaving, please let me know so I can check it out.

(By the way, if you ever see a pop-up ad when you visit here, then your computer has a problem. It didn't come from me. I hate ads that pop up, slide in front, or do anything else that demands that you close it before you can get to what you want. Advertising pays the bills, but you, the visitors, are the reason FTAList exists.)

If you send me an email, that email will be stored along with all other site-related emails. Your email address and any other information you volunteer in a private email will never be sold, rented, or given to anyone else, except in the very unlikely event that I am required by law to hand it over.


FTAList.com is likely to contain some inaccuracies. Please email error reports to: mkilgore@ftalist.com. Please use common sense when using the information on this site. FTAList.com is not associated with or endorsed by any channel, dealer, or advertiser. All trademarks are the property of their owners.

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